XXI Solidarity Conference: Climate Solidarity Conference is behind us!

Lech Walesa, former Solidarność movement leader, President of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1983, decided to hold the XXI Solidarity Conference on the topic of Climate Crisis. Special guests of the event were the main characters from the film “The Curse of Abundance” Antonella Calle, spokeswoman for the YASUNIDOS movement, and Manari Ushigua, a shaman of the Saparo tribe from Ecuador.  Both of them are fighting for the preservation of invaluable tropical forests in the Ecuadorian part of the Amazon – YASUNI National Park.  The biggest part of YASUNI is the property of the native Indian tribes. Their existence is threatened by the oil companies that got the mining licenses back in the 70s and keep on exploiting the area in spite of the Indian protests.

The “Climate Solidarity” conference gathered almost 400 participants who debated the progress of climate change and possible solutions that can be introduced. The global community has to feel the pressure to act collectively to protect the environment and the climate. Especially the government and global business can play a major role in reversing the trend of Earth destruction. Manari Ushigua and Antonella Calle together with Lech Walesa met with the representatives of the Youth Climate Strike and supported their postulates and activities to take immediate action on the climate. 

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Lech Wałęsa and Manari Ushigua debate on immediate actions to slow down the climate change