Global Compact Network Poland supports the activities of Ewa Ewart, a Global Compact Sustainable Development Ambassador. Together, we strive to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, primarily through awareness-raising actions in the field of counteracting climate change. Showing the dilemmas associated with the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador, the film poses a question addressed to the entire international community: given the environmental consequences of oil extraction, what is at stake if we reject a radical change in our approach to oil extraction around the world?

Her documentaries told some of the most memorable stories like the tragedy in Beslan, made for the first anniversary of a terrorist attack in which more then 170 children got killed. In the second film she highlighted the trauma still suffered by many child survivors five years after the atrocity.

For the last few years she has been the presenter of an international documentary strand on TVN24 and TVN24Bis, American owned commercial channels in Poland.

Most recently she has been a motivational speaker talking to a varied audiences about her experiences, which she described in a book “I witnessed”.